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But if he were to describe himself for a LRB ad, he’d have to make himself sound like a circus freak or monstrous horror movie creature in order to get anyone’s attention.David Rose has compiled (named for the delightful ad “They call me Naughty Lola.We think you’re similar based on what you do on Facebook, such as the Pages you’ve liked and ads and posts you’ve clicked on.” Kerri Anne says: “Everyone who knows me knows I never wear pants … And if I did wear pants to work, I would not wear the same pair to yoga.” Facebook thinks: He might keep kosher Accuracy rating: 2/10 Facebook says: “One of the reasons you’re seeing this ad is because Kosher Ordering wants to reach people interested in Synagogue.” George says: “I think I did a Google search for a synagogue a few days ago, or maybe I received an email from my synagogue recently. If it did, I would just turn off location services.But the last time I ordered kosher take-out was about five years ago, when my in-laws were in town for a visit.” Facebook thinks: He “returned from a trip two weeks ago” (this information was stored in Jake’s ad preferences) Accuracy rating: 10/10 Jake says: “I did go to Vermont two weeks ago, and I posted updates while I was away. But I’m fine with more relevant ads.” Here’s how to check how Facebook is selling you, and what the company thinks it knows about you.They were, as Rose told NPR, instead “instantly very, very silly.” In a I thought to myself, ‘This isn’t going to be good. What an idiot I am.’ But I work on the Bowie principal—do something once and it’s a mistake; do it three times and it’s an arrangement.’ We had to let it go for a couple of issues. The ads are the exact inverse of the clichéd, bragging, bitter, disturbing (in the case of The Village Voice), or inarticulate American equivalent.My attitude was ‘I’m going to print these ads because they’re the only ones I’ve got.’ They’re ridiculous and silly, but it was like, who blinks first? Instead of lying about their physical attributes, sparkling personalities, improbable sexual skills, wealth, and accomplishments in an effort to elicit hopeful responses from gullible readers, these people exaggerate their flaws with cutting haiku-like precision.

I promise an intensity of sexual joy unexpected in the LRB. The complete list of my sexual conquests: 1994-1995—Anna; 1996—Julia, Alison; 1997—Italian girl at Karl’s party, Claire (Clare? I, on the other hand, am 4’10”, have the looks of Herve Villechaize and carry an odour of wheat. You know who you are and, no, I don’t want to meet either Bismarck, Bethmann Hollweg, or Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst, however admirable the independence he gave to secretaries of state may have been. I smoke, I drink, I talk waaaay too much and think even more than that, I swear like a longshoreman, I’m usually covered in dog hair, I do not order salad as a full meal, I always want to Talk About It, I might be funnier than you, I want to be taken care of but hate feeling weak, I’m completely disorganized, I will keep cuddling until you pry me off you (and so will my dogs), I say “awesome” a lot, I don’t lie even if it’s easier, I tell my girlfriends everything, I expect to come, and I’ve been told repeatedly that I scare the crap out of men. Here’s a good illustration of ingrained false modesty: a young English expat says he has “done rather well” with women from American dating websites, which may well mean that he has bedded every willing woman, from college freshmen to great-grannies, in his entire time zone.In his case the humble phrase “done rather well” is the equivalent of Gene Simmons’ creepy Polaroid collection of his sexual conquests.But at least they were targeting women as young as 30.” Facebook thinks: She might need diapers for her baby Accuracy rating: 10/10 Facebook says: “One of the reasons you’re seeing this ad is because The Honest Company wants to reach people interested in Gerber Products Company.” Sarina says: “Of course every parent needs diapers. Maybe Facebook knows because, like any proud parent, I post pictures for family and friends to see?Or because I have used the word ‘baby’ in status updates? I might have gone to the website for The Honest Company more than a month ago.

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