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Consensual dating policy

Employees must be aware that sexual relationships with students have the potential for other adverse consequences, including the filing of a complaint alleging sexual harassment and/or retaliation under University Policy 1202 – Sexual Harassment and Misconduct.An employee who enters into a sexual relationship with a student where a professional power relationship exists must realize that if a charge of sexual harassment is subsequently lodged, a claim of mutual consent in the relationship may not be a sufficient defense. DEFINITIONS For the purposes of this policy only: “Employee” means any paid employee of the university.If an employee becomes involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with a student, or has had a past relationship with the student, the employee must immediately notify his or her supervisor.No employee shall exercise academic responsibility (instructional, evaluative or supervisory) for any student with whom the employee has or has had a sexual or romantic relationship.To ensure the integrity of the reporting process, anonymous reporting is discouraged.Please note that failure to disclose a consensual relationship which potentially falls under behavior prohibited by EO 1096 may result in discipline that is administered in a manner consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreements, CSU policies, and legal requirements.

Positions of authority inherently carry the element of power in their relationships with Students.

Consensual Relationship: a romantic, dating, and/or sexual relationship agreed to by the parties involved.

Direct authority: The authority vested in an individual as a result of his/her immediate position of power over another.

While sexual and/or romantic relationships between members of the University community may begin as consensual, they may evolve into situations that lead to Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating or Domestic Violence, or Stalking subject to this policy.

A CSU Employee shall not enter into a consensual relationship with a Student or Employee over whom s/he exercises or influences direct or otherwise significant academic, administrative, supervisory, evaluative, counseling, or extracurricular authority.

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Examples of a Professional Power Relationship include, but are not limited to, relationships in which the employee: “Consensual Relationships” means, for purposes of this policy only, relationships of a romantic, intimate, or sexual nature, where a Professional Power Relationship exists. RESPONSIBILITIES All academic and non-academic supervisors at all levels are responsible for implementation of this policy. An Employee entering into or engaging in a Consensual Relationship, or a current or prospective employee offered a position who will be in such a relationship should the position be accepted, shall immediately: D.

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