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Consolidating datamarts

Any data associated to dimension members that are trimmed can be aggregated together and feed to other dimension members.

As a rule, the smaller the dimensions, the better the planning cubes will perform overall.

That column, the Unary Operator column will contain the following values, , - and ~ with meaning aggregate to parent, - meaning subtract from parent and ~ meaning ignore aggregation to parent.

For example, a chart of accounts will need custom aggregation to be defined.The columns of a relational table can construct attribute hierarchies in SSAS.Defining relationships between attribute hierarchies will let you create efficient level based hierarchies. The number of columns in a fact table will vary depending on how many dimensions are associated to the cube.For example, on the Account dimension we have a column called ‘Account Type’ that stores the particular account type for the dimension member.We recommend that the following fields be created for a dimension table: Id: We recommend that dimension keys be of integer type (Tiny Int, Small Int, Int, Big Int) versus any other type for optimal performance.

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For example, you have a dimension table to store all the account members together, with each row of the table representing a unique account member of the dimension.

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