Dating an obese woman pictures dating scams

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Dating an obese woman

After getting down to 236lbs, she went shopping for jeans for the first time in her life, gleefully trying on different styles of denim in her size.

At the end of the episode, she flew on a plane from Arkansas to Texas to see Dr.

and it was revealed on Wednesday night's episode that she was down to 194lbs.

"I don't think there's a remote chance I'll get my money back but I'm satisfied with the two years – she deserved that." Another victim, aged 76, sent her two phones and was conned out of £4,760, believing he was speaking to a woman called Tara Smith.Three months later, she was down to 348lbs and had skin removal surgery, having a whopping 56.5lbs of skin removed from her stomach.However, Nikki had complications following her surgery, and she was rushed back into surgery with internal bleeding just two days later. Nowzaradan was able fix the problem, and she was able to return home.Once caught, Williams admitted two counts of fraud by false representation and asked for 17 frauds to be taken into consideration.Recorder Nicolas Gerasimidis jailed her for two years, describing her frauds as "carefully executed offences".

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One suffered a nervous breakdown after Williams, of Thatcham, Berks, used four fake names to dupe him out of £6,000.

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