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Tailgates and sports games can be the best places to meet guys (the ones who aren’t sweating up their uniforms)!If there’s one thing that guys love to talk about, it’s sports, so why not strike up a convo about the game, the teams playing, and the players on the field?

What’s most important to keep in mind about freshman year is that as a freshman, you should experience that the college dating scene has to offer.” If all goes well, you'll have a date for next game!And even if he’s from another nearby school and you’re rooting for opposite teams, that only brings up the opportunity for you to use this perfect betting line: “If my team wins, you’re taking me to dinner!Dorms are a great way to meet, get to know, and hang out with other guys who are living in your dorm.If that broodingly handsome cutie in your chemistry class is making eyes at you across the lecture hall, spark some chemistry of your own by approaching him in class.

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But in college, the dating rules are different, and it’s not always so easy to meet guys. We’ve asked girls and guys across the country about the first-year college dating scene to bring you this tell-all guide on how to meet guys as a freshman girl freshman).

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