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All numbered eggs are locations on a map created by Mxyzptlk (which should be on the Lord Of The Eggs website soon. They both relate to the biographical history of the area, most notably, the tales of a cavalry unit that fell down a hole near Fort Pastor.

#3 - Cock Rock: Although seen in various Western movies, this is one particular stone column that would have made John Wayne blush.

Parked next to the mass grave is a Bobcat, so whoever dumped the bodies, also left their car there.

#17 - Unmarked Pay 'n' Spray: As one of the many glitches in the game, Rockstar left this Pay 'n' Spray in the game but didn't put it on the map.

#18 - Bridge Facts: There is a sign with technical facts about the northernmost San Fierro bridge (Gant Bridge), next to Katie Zahn's favourite diner, along with a hunk of Cable used on the Bridge with a information sign next that.

#7 - Weddings and Weldings: This garage is actually a bomb shop and combines the real life drive-thru wedding services of Las Vegas with the convenience of getting your car equipped with high explosives.

Not exactly a shotgun wedding but it's a lot more violent.

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#19 - Michelle's tools: Go to upper San Fierro into Michelle's Garage and look inside with the Camera at her utility bench on your left.

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  2. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Starting in Season 1 Catchphrase: "Eh-eh-ehhh! She often resorts to extreme behaviour, such as licking or stroking the faces of other people, or destroying the things around her. She painted a picture out of poo and wrote "Merry Xmas" in poo.