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Because a disproportionate number of those discriminated against because of disability are older workers, the team has challenged unduly restrictive judicial interpretations of the ADA.

The overarching goal of the team is to ensure that ageism and unfair treatment of older workers are perceived by society to be as serious and wrong as other forms of discrimination, and to make certain that the protections for older workers, especially under the ADEA and state antidiscrimination laws, provide rights and remedies that are at a minimum on parity with those of other civil rights laws.

Their ability to age in place depends on the availability of affordable and accessible housing.

The team participates in housing, transportation and land-use cases that support livable communities through enforcement of the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and other federal, state and local civil rights laws.

The team also works to ensure that tenancy rules are applied fairly.

In order to age in place in the community, housing must allow delivery of personal care services.

The team has worked on cases involving discrimination against older workers in hiring promotions, training opportunities, reductions-in-force, unfair waivers or releases of older workers’ rights, and age-based reduction or elimination of employee benefits, including early retirement incentives.The team has worked to ensure that there is an adequate supply of low-income housing by working on defending existing laws that maintain reasonable rent increases in manufactured home parks, as well as state and local laws supporting rental vouchers.The team challenges reductions and restrictions that financially affect residents of public housing and assisted housing.Design and construction standards creating accessible, visitable or universal design dwellings are important.Residents must be able to obtain reasonable accommodations to rules and policies or permission to make physical modifications to the premises.

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The team challenges the inclusion of binding mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts that make it difficult or impossible for people with small money claims to access the courts.