Post dating cheques illegal uk

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Post dating cheques illegal uk

Of course, one cannot automatically assume a criminal offense will arise upon the dishonoring of a cheque, but rather one can rely on court judgments for protection as the likelihood of criminal implication is high.states that assuming the cheque issuance follows the legalities of doing so, the crime of issuing a bounced post-dated cheque occurs even if the issuer is aware of the insufficient funds in their account and issues the cheque as a security method only.

Cooperation in International Financial Investigations Apparently “money talks” but “crime doesn’t pay”., where it states that once bad faith and crime is found, the court will order the publication of the judgments summary in one of the local newspapers.The publication will include their name, occupation, and the punishment they will endure.Can an instrument of payment be offered that ensures complete safety?The reality of the latter statement is an unlikely one.

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As such, these judgments provide that a defendant cannot escape liability by giving the beneficiary the amount prescribed within the cheque before the promise date.

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