Vodafone live dating

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Vodafone live dating

Street Slide takes the data from Streetside and turns it into a strip of businesses with clickable logos and building numbers.

Advertising No story about the use of data changing people's lives could omit a mention of Google.Several bodies have appeared that aim to provide a clear picture of how the Government spends money, including Where Does My Money Go? Although they're operating on a relatively small scale at the moment, they've achieved a lot in a short time.It's not a stretch of the imagination to see WDMMG?By analysing geo-social datasets we can hope to understand the basis for a more sociable, more usable city".War The Wikileaks War Diary is the most comprehensive set of data about a war ever released.

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He's recently published maps which take snapshots of data from Foursquare and turn them into a view of "social London".

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